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About Us

We began as a quality-driven shisha manufacturer in 1999. Today, we are present in over 100 countries, gaining the trust and loyalty of shisha lovers all over the world.

Whilst we continue to operating with the same mind-set, we have shifted our focus on becoming more consumer-centric. Quality, consistency and innovative, great-tasting shisha is what will continue to drive us forward.

We are here to bring our global community of shisha lovers closer together by sharing our passion and love for all things shisha.

...And our story is only just beginning.


We are committed to continuously enhancing your shisha experience. That’s why we have focused our efforts on all things shisha - from sourcing the highest-quality ingredients to investing in the most innovative research and development for our products. We will stop at nothing to give you the best shisha experience.

Today, we are collaborating with the world’s leading shisha innovators, blenders, scientists, engineers and a network of world-renowned laboratories to pave the way for a better shisha experience.

Quality is our top priority, that’s why we oversee a rigorous safety screening process for all ingredients and monitor all laboratory studies of shisha aerosol products and components

CLICK HERE to learn more about these studies on our Shisha Science page.


We did not invent Shisha, but we did pioneer flavored shisha, and introduced it to the world.

Our passion and dedication to all things shisha is what drives us to create and facilitate the best experience for shisha lovers worldwide. Since 1999, everything we say and do stems from these deeply rooted origins.

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